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Minotti London | Marylebone Apartment by Maurizio Pellizzoni

Minotti London worked with award-winning designer Maurizio Pellizzoni to furnish this beautiful bijou apartment in London’s Marylebone district.

Watch as Maurizio guides you through the apartment, including details on how he used the furniture and the design to make a tiny space come alive.

Hit the play button below to watch the full conversation, or read the full transcript below:

Maurizio Pellizzoni: The main inspiration behind the design was Coachella. We got a lot of inspiration from the colour scheme of Coachella. We used a soft palette for the finishing, but we add colour with accessories and with the artwork, which was the most important part to create the pop of colour we needed.

We use Minotti because it was very luxury. We wanted to have a mixture of luxury furniture and accessory with some vintage antique furniture sourced in the local shop.

The artwork has been leaned on the wall, which is very flexible and it can be moved around. The colour picture, that very soft palette colour, which they go very much with the environment.

The client brief was to create a luxury and boutique hotel feel for a London apartment, which is very small. It’s a three bedroom apartment with two bathroom.

The square footage is around 700, which is very small, but along the space is very small so we have to do the maximum to add as much space planning for the interior.

For the technology, we want to use the flexible living, which is a new trend, where you can bring your music or your TV to every different room. The A9 as a cover is inspired by Sofia Loren and the Italian lifestyle. And it’s all on red lips, which is a statement piece. It looks like a piece of artwork, it’s connected very well with the artwork throughout the flat.

One of the main keys of the brief was to open up the space, especially on the top floor, which had an original staircase, which was cutting the space in two.

My first idea was to move the staircase from the middle to push it against the wall and to have an open plan living space upstairs. I think it was very much fulfilled because now on the top floor, you can have a large kitchen and a living space, which should work well together.

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