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A Guide to 6 Designer Leather Sofas

Leather sofas offer both aesthetic and practical advantages, including durability and the power to influence the mood of a room. 

A highly valuable material, leather undergoes modern treatments that make it highly resistant to wear and tear. 

In this guide, we take a closer look at six of the designer leather sofas that can be found at Minotti London

The Brasilia Sofa 

Marcio Kogan’s Brasilia Sofa presents an ultra-precise, contemporary and minimal style. The use of leather in this design evokes warmth and lasting comfort, as the grain gives a soft and supple feel.

guide to designer leather sofaThis interesting and versatile sofa juxtaposes different materials which simultaneously conceals and emphasises the intricately complex design concept. 

Unique Features of The Brasilia Sofa

The Brasilia Sofa is characterised by a mid-century aesthetic revisited and modernised, not only in its lines and volumes but also in its use of material. This includes the added luxury of dark brown stained palisander Santos wood finish. 

The use of leather and elegant structural details add to the overall tone, making it perfect for grand interior spaces.

Best Accessories for The Brasilia Sofa 

The Brasilia sofa family suits several environments, which allows it to pair well with other elements and furniture pieces, including armchairs and ottomans.

The shape of the Brasilia sofa also lends it to complement cylindrical coffee tables, such as the Minotti Wedge Coffee Table or the stone grey marble Minotti Oliver Coffee Table.

The Daniels Sofa

Christophe Delcourt’s leather Daniels Sofa is as innovative as it is original. With its elegant curves and modular layouts, this design is particularly striking and is bound to act as a statement piece within any room. 

Unique Features of The Daniels Sofa

The Daniels sofa invites playful creativity with a myriad of possible arrangements. One of its most unique features is that it is available in three versions:

  • All-fabric 
  • All-leather 
  • A combined option which includes leather and fabric upholstery

While the all-leather design is truly breathtaking, selecting the hybrid leather-fabric version is a great way to make the leather stand out by contrasting it with softer and more supple textures. 

Best Accessories for The Daniels Sofa

The Daniels sofa pairs extremely well with the Amber Low table system. Divided into three sections, these pieces can be moved around the Daniels Sofa to create the perfect balance of practicality and post-modern flair

Additionally, thethttps://minottilondon.com/products/wedge-coffee-table/ helps to bring out the best (or some better work smithing but the wedge coffee table works well with these) of the Amber Low table system and Daniels Sofa. 

Finally, the Daniels sofa’s smooth, soft leather can be complemented with the geometry of the  Minotti Cesar side table is a subtle matt finish.

The Lawson Sofa system has a notably 70’s style. Through its interesting range of alternating depths, it emanates an haute couture feel while its fluid lines and soft volumes draw upon the innovation of more contemporary, Italian furniture designs.

guide to leather sofaWhile the sleek and angular design of the Lawson sofa makes it perfect for residential seating areas, its versatile modularity means it would be just as at home in a hospitality setting. 

Unique Features of The Lawson Sofa

The uniqueness of the Lawson sofa stems from the option to transform its appearance in so many ways, including the shape and the upholstery, which can come in fabric as well as leather. 

Furthermore, this sofa sits upon semi-curved metal blades that give the illusion of weightlessness

With such diverse materials, the Lawson Sofa can easily be personalised to suit various styles and interior designs.

Best Accessories for The Lawson Sofa

The Lawson sofa pairs wonderfully with the Villon Pouf, a sleek and simple cube that can be covered in Pony Look or Crocodile Printed leather.

Additionally, the alignment of materials — leathers and saddle-hide — reveals a boldly decisive presence and unmistakable personality that matches the mood of the Lawson Sofa System.

Large circular rugs and round coffee tables also make great additions to any space where one might find the Lawson sofa as these pieces help to frame the sofa’s silhouette. 

The Hamilton Sofa

The Hamilton sofa is a flexible, dynamic seating system. Its high-quality and well-defined tailoring testifies to the research and fine craftsmanship that have long been part of Minotti London’s DNA and identity. 

leather sofa high end, the guideThis classic and sophisticated design blends effortlessly with any space while providing a sumptuously comfortable seating area

Unique Features of The Hamilton Sofa

As with much of the Minotti collection, the Hamilton Sofa is versatile and adaptable, giving it a chameleon-like quality that helps it flourish in any space it finds itself in. When outfitted with a practical headrest, comfort is brought to the fore with the promise of a relaxed seating experience.

Best Accessories for The Hamilton Sofa

The Hamilton Sofa pairs nicely with the Jensen Armchair, a piece that has been designed using a combination of cutting edge technology and Italian craftsmanship. These two pieces effortlessly work together to elevate the sophistication of the space. 

The Ritter Coffee Table also complements the Hamilton sofa with its fine stained oak surface. 

The Freeman Tailor Sofa

This Freeman Tailor Sofa has a fascinating structure with a graphic and modern personality to suit any contemporary space, with its sophisticated tailoring and elegant stitching contributing to the overall design. 

high end leather sofa the guideAs with all of Minotti’s leather sofas, the Freemail Tailor design sees sumptuous leather given prominence.

Unique Features of The Freeman Tailor Sofa

The proportions of the Freeman Tailor sofa can be streamlined with the choice of “Wing” armrests or backrests, making it well suited to smaller interior spaces. 

Another unique feature of the Freeman Tailor sofa is that it is part of the Freeman Sofa System. This means it can act partly as a modular to be paired with the likes of the Freeman Duvet, in order to create a larger seating area. 

Best Accessories for The Freeman Tailor Sofa

While the Freeman Tailor and Duvet pair together to create the modular Freeman Sofa System, there is another part of the Freeman family: the Freeman Lounge. This acts as an extension to the Freeman Tailor and can be used in lieu of, or in addition to, the Duvet.

With the Tailor, Duvet and Lounge elements together, it’s possible to customise the Freeman Sofa System by creating one very large sofa or moving its parts throughout the room for different effects.

Most importantly, the space between different sofa elements can be filled with a range of other pieces, such as the Calder Coffee Table

The Russell Sofa

The shape of Minotti’s Russell Sofa consists of vintage lines and modernised silhouettes. With the use of Aspen and Nabuk Lodge leather, this sofa’s charm is undeniable.

Unique Features of The Russell Sofa

The fixed cross structure of the Russell Sofa is a surprising detail that truly sets it apart from other leather sofa designs. With the combination of light bronze-coloured metal and deeper shades of oak, this sofa reflects Minotti’s virtuosity in combining several materials.

This variety of materials helps to bring a valuable source of texture to the space. 

Best Accessories for The Russell Sofa

One of the best accessories for the Russell sofa is a geometric coffee table, as this emphasises the modern silhouettes of the sofa itself. With this in mind, the playful design of the Ring Side Table or the sharp shape of the Bender Coffee Table would pair wonderfully with the Russell sofa. 

Conclusion — A Final Look at 6 Designer Leather Sofas From Minotti London

Minotti London offers a wide variety of designer sofas, many of which are available in leather, fabric or a mixture of both. As mentioned above, some of our personal favourites include the: 

  1. The Brasilia Sofa
  2. The Daniels Sofa
  3. The Lawson Sofa
  4. The Hamilton Sofa
  5. The Freeman Tailor Sofa
  6. The Russell Sofa

All these sofas pair beautifully with the armchairs, coffee tables, rugs and other pieces that can be found in the Minotti London collection. 

For further inspiration, discover more of our leather sofas by visiting our virtual showroom.

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