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Minotti 2021 Collection – Lido by GamFratesi

The Lido family, by the GamFratesi studio, is a design that perfectly expresses Minotti’s will to create a single design for different environments, indoors and outdoors.

The technology and materials employed to make its components play a key role in defining its ideal use. Lido Cord Outdoor is comprised of a sofa, armchair, footstool, dining and lounge little armchairs, all with an enveloping design that conveys the idea of a comfortable nest.

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Enrico Fratesi: The second collection we are presenting this year is the Lido collection. It’s a collection where we want to take a seat collection with a very simple and iconic design while keeping a lot of simplicity.

It’s not a circle, it’s not an oval, it’s a shape in between when you look at it from the front. And when you move it and you look at it from the side, it’s almost like a triangle with a fillet.

It’s a project which is, of course, for the indoor area, but also for the outdoor, while keeping exactly the same signature, the same design but exchanging the material. Breaking the boundary between indoor and outdoor.

Stine Gam: There’s been a lot of development and work to make the rope perfect on the shape because it’s a simple shape, but still, of course, complex to make the simplicity look natural, and to create this perfect kind of nest basket that embrace you. And it just makes a very comfortable chair for you, both outdoor and indoor.

I’m always very impressed by the collaboration with Minotti, how they can actually translate our inspiration and idea into a very technical and functional product and furniture.

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A part of my Scandinavian inspiration, of course, working with delicacy and with a very aesthetic and soft expression, but still, they develop it into something which is very durable, very comfortable.

And they manage to give this development a technical approach, but still keeping it very comfortable and very human.

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