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A Guide to 2022’s Interior Design Trends

In the last few decades, we have witnessed an unprecedented evolution of interior design. As the world keeps changing, people’s expectations of interior design styles undergo many changes each passing year. As a result, new trends emerge.

The designs that dominate the market these days are characterised by the return to nature-inspired interiors, a combination of modern and traditional aesthetics and the implementation of multipurpose spaces.

In 2022, the colours in vogue of interior design are bold accents and a vintage feel with a general idea of technological advancement in all things. Read on to discover the top interior design trends in 2022 in this design guide from Minotti London.

The Top 6 Interior Design Trends

The last two years have been a time of transformation. We’ve seen the rise of new technologies, new media and new ways of living. While one should not be in a rush to put out of service any interior design style from the past, the interior design trends of 2022 adapt to these shifts.

Here are some of the latest interior design trends that have emerged so far this year.

Multipurpose Rooms

Latest interior design trendPeople’s homes have, in some cases, had to double up as their places of work and placing a sleek desk in the corner of a room is a simple way to bring additional functionality to a space | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

As a new approach to living has emerged so too have multifunctional rooms, which have become an overarching theme of the modern home. The modern home has evolved beyond its traditional use and is now a place for living, working and socialising.

Multipurpose rooms that can be transformed into a dining room, game room or library are becoming increasingly popular in 2022.

These rooms are often decorated with a combination of furniture and fittings that create a multifunctional space: a bar cart in the kitchen, a wall of books in the living room or a bedroom equipped with high-tech projection equipment that turns it into a private cinema.

Eco-friendly Interior Design

Energy-efficient interior design is a growing trend as more homes are being built with solar panels, smart home technology and other ways to reduce energy consumption.

As the world moves toward a more sustainable way of life, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are opting to design their homes with eco-friendly features. Making their homes more environmentally friendly often means using more sustainable fabrics and less wasteful materials.

This can mean choosing wood over stone or natural fibres over synthetic ones. It can even involve installing solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint. Another popular trend in green interior design is the use of furniture and decorative items made from natural materials, such as bamboo or wood.

Nature-Inspired Designs

Current interior design trend: natureNatural and organic materials such as wood, stone and terracotta are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomes increasingly conscious of its environmental impact | Designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 fro © Minotti London

This trend has been seen in interior design for many years now, but it’s becoming even more popular as homeowners seek to embrace outdoor surroundings indoors.

This return to nature manifests itself in the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, marble and terracotta. The raw look of these organic materials inspires a sense of warmth and closeness to nature.

Nature-inspired interiors can also be created by adding large leafy plants and trees to the space. Plants such as monstera, philodendron and tropic snow dumb cane bring freshness into the home and create an outdoor feel.

3D Art Displays

3D art has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to add dimension and interest to an otherwise plain wall.

The popularity of this art form in interior design is increasing as people become more interested in the effects of colour and light on their moods and states of mind.

3D art is a type of artwork that can be viewed from all angles, like a sculpture, creating an optical illusion where one can see the depth of each piece. It can be incorporated into any space, and it’s especially effective when used to create a focal point in a room.

The most popular types of 3D art include:

  • Wall murals
  • Wall displays
  • Floor or wall tiles
  • Stained glass windows

Bold Colours & Patterns

An interior design trend2022 is the year for bold and confident colours, but especially purple – the most regal colour on the spectrum | Designed by Neto Ottoman for © Minotti London

This year, luxury is all about confidence. In 2022, it’s more important than ever to embrace what makes us feel good. That’s why bolder colours and patterns are becoming more present in interior design.

The colour of the year 2022 is purple – and more specifically Very Peri, a bold blue colour with purple undertones. This bold, royal colour can be incorporated into interiors in many ways, including wallpapers, paints and fabrics.

Patterned fabrics are also expected to be popular with interior designers as they seek to add an extra dimension to the space. Designers can use patterns on walls, ceilings and even floors to create a unique space for their clients.

Mixing Design Styles

The current interior design trends are a mixture of the old and the new. While the traditional styles are still popular among homeowners, there is also a growing demand for modern interior designs.

The idea behind mixing styles is to create a unique combination of elements from different eras. For example, one can take a traditional wooden table and add modern metal chairs around it. Or, one can combine bright colours, like red or green, with muted tones like brown or grey.

As a result, many homes incorporate both traditional and modern pieces of furniture and accessories. A combination of vintage accents, leather materials, curvy furniture and high-tech elements in the home reigns in 2022.

This eclectic mix works well because it creates an interesting contrast between different elements that would normally never go together.

Embracing the Latest Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are in constant flux and every year, designers try to predict the design directions we’ll see throughout the following twelve months. The interior design trends in 2022 emphasise multifunctionality, the influence of design on our well-being, and closeness to nature.

Here are the latest interior design trends covered in this guide:

  • Creating multipurpose rooms to add versatility to each room.
  • Eco-friendly interiors, designs and materials.
  • Designing nature-inspired interiors to bring a sense of freshness into the home.
  • Displaying 3D art to add dimension and interest to the room.
  • Using bold colours and patterns to inspire confidence.
  • Mixing design styles to seamlessly incorporate the old and the new.

While following the current trends in interior design, it’s always important to choose those that fit one’s personal preferences and style.

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