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4 Ways to Elegantly Style a Round Side Table

The best contemporary coffee tables often feature a design that is as sleek as it is timeless. While in years past, coffee tables have often been square or rectangular, today, designers are steering towards round side tables. 

As side tables have continued to grow in popularity, so too has the trend for those that are both modern and low to the ground. Whether you’re looking to add elegance to a room or a touch of functionality, read on for our top four tips on how to style a round side table. 

Tip 1: Make a Statement | Choosing the Right Side Table

As with all furniture, the first thing to decide is which type of round side table is best suited to the space. Whether that be a room indoors or an outside area, the table’s size, style and design are all factors that will contribute to the look and feel of the space. 

As modern and contemporary styles continue to evolve, one might decide to ditch traditional styles and opt for more experimental designs. For example, using round side tables with bold personalities, such as the Kay Side Table, or a graphic expressive style such as those featured on Wedge Coffee Tables can add a distinguishing touch to any space. 

how to style a round side tableHere the Kay Side Table serves as a stylish and functional add on to the feature coffee table and its unique base doesn’t obstruct the space in front of the sofa. 

Larger side tables can also be used in larger spaces. When paired with a couple of armchairs, this can create a casual and approachable area that’s perfect for informal yet intimate socialising. 

These larger round side tables can also act as the perfect place to display sculptures and decorative objects, though in some cases they become a sculpture in themselves. 

Speaking of the other design traits of a side table, geometric designs, such as the curved bases of the Ring Side Table, or the eclectic vase-like shapes of the Cesar Side Table can bring a certain panache to a room. 

Meanwhile, certain materials such as bronze, as featured on the Haring Side Table, or marble based structures like the Joy Jut Out Side Table, add a sense of opulence and become sleek statement pieces.

Tip 2: Make Space | Positioning a Round Side Table

After finding the perfect style of round side table, it’s important to consider its dimensions for appropriate spacing and feng shui. This ensures the space feels open rather than overcrowded. 

While the beauty of round side tables is their ability to slip effortlessly alongside existing furniture, it is still important to leave a suitable gap between other objects and tables. 

For example, when placing a round side table in a living space, it may be worth placing an end table alongside a large sofa, which maximises the space, rather than cluttering the arrangement. 

Accessibility and atmosphere are also important factors to bear in mind: 

  • Will items on the table need to be within reach whilst seated?
  • Will a hallway become too narrow to pass through if a side table is incorrectly placed?
  • How will the placement of the side table impact the overall feel of the room? 

Choosing a sculpturally shaped side table, such as the Noor, will also sit well with a sofa or chair collection, as they can often slot stylishly in spaces that would be more challenging for rectangular or square tables. 

Tip 3: Find Balance | Styling a Round Side Table

When styling a round side table, remember to apply the philosophy of three, which makes items more appealing and memorable when placed in sets of three. For example, to add dimension and purpose to a side table, one might place three objects such as candles, books or a vase of flowers at different heights. 

Displaying items in the centre of the table will transform it into a centrepiece. However, this isn’t a must-follow rule as off-centre positioning, particularly on interestingly shaped tables, can do just as much to draw and please the eye.

For larger spaces, the use of symmetry has the power to bring balance to a room. For example, positioning two identical side tables on either side of a sofa can bring a sense of unity and restfulness to a room. To take this a step further, the objects on each table could also match symmetrically, which will add to the air of tranquillity. 

round side table how to dress itThe Rile Side Table comes in different sizes, which allows for interesting and layered placements that can help extend surface spaces when needed.

Layered side tables provide another styling opportunity. These tables, when arranged with altering heights, can be distinctive as stand-alone pieces, without the need for additional decoration. 

Rotating and revolving side tables, such as those in the Richer Collection, can also act as a rather useful storage solution. Items that may clutter a space can be hidden inside the table itself. 

Tip 4: Head Outdoors | Styling an Outdoor Side Table

While side tables can often be found in hallways, bedrooms and living rooms, they can also lend style and versatility to outdoor spaces. Built to endure the elements, the tables found in Minotti London’s Outdoor Collection, including the Warren Side Table, can provide a resting place for glasses, books or a terrarium.

Outdoor arrangements can be elevated with the clever use of side tables, particularly those with a unique shape and finish, such as the Aeron Outdoor Coffee Table. These bring modern style to an outdoor space, particularly when connected with outdoor sofas. 

Side tables, such as those mentioned, can stand in a formal or rustic garden setting and add even more personality to a space. Consider accessorising with a drinks tray, perfect for both morning coffees and evening cocktails. 

guide to style a round side tableHere a simple and sleek outdoor side table has been topped with an elegant lamp to create a cosy and informal area for socialising and dining for one or two people. 

When styling an outdoor side table, it’s important to be selective with decoration, as too many items will look cluttered. 

Conclusion: A Summary of How To Style a Round Table

When sourcing and styling a side table it’s important to understand its function and how it will react with the rest of the space. To ensure these factors are kept in mind, be sure to follow our four tips on how to style a round table:

  1. Make a statement by choosing the right side table
  2. Add space to a room by positioning a round side table effectively
  3. Find balance by experimenting with ways of styling the table
  4. Consider unique styles for side tables placed outdoors

Round side tables can blend seamlessly with other furniture, or stand alone as statement pieces. Be sure to observe the space to determine which size and style would best suit the final design of the room or area.

When styling side tables, the balance remains crucial. Take care with positioning and decorating to ensure that a space is elevated, rather than overwhelmed.

These tables can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, a place to rest lamps and framed photographs or somewhere to store coffee table books. Best of all, round side tables can be used beside a chair, sofa or even as an extension of a larger coffee table.

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