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How to Decorate a Bedroom: a Guide to Elegant Design

Creating an aesthetic that reflects style and class is key to designing a bedroom that is as sophisticated as it is relaxing. In this design guide on how to decorate a bedroom, we’ll walk through some of the key elements interior designers and homeowners should consider.

How To Style a Bedroom: 4 Factors to Consider

Centre Around the Bed

At the heart of any bedroom is the bed. Therefore, this is the first piece of furniture to consider when decorating. The size and style of the bed, as well as the linens and pillows used, all help determine what other types of furniture could be added.

The ML Curtis Bed brings interesting textures to the bedroom that can be paired to complement or contrast other pieces of furniture. 

Once a bed and linens have been selected, it’s time to consider a few other pieces of furniture, including: 

  • Night tables complement the overall aesthetic of the room by helping to frame the bed. Those with drawers also serve as practical storage purposes, which do well to help hide clutter, thus further elevating the overall look and feel of the room.
  • Dressers and armoires should match the overall aesthetic of the room, bed linens and other furniture, such as the night tables.
  • A feature chair or sofa within the bedroom can serve as the ultimate statement piece while offering a comfortable place to read or simply relax before bedtime. One may also consider adding some seating to the walk-in wardrobe, such as a bench.
  • Bookcases are useful pieces of furniture that can be used not only to store books but also to display photos and decorative pieces such as statuettes, sculptures and other items that add personality to the space.

Using Accessories to Add Style to the Bedroom

In addition to furniture, there are a wide variety of accessories that can be used to brighten a room. Furthermore, the right bedwear, such as cashmere throws and plush pillows, can bring comfort and a sense of flair to the bed.

One of the benefits of using throw pillows and linens to decorate a bedroom is that they can easily be changed to suit the season. For example, in the spring, one may opt for warm, green and Earth tones, whereas in autumn, yellows, reds and oranges that match the world outside may be preferred. 

decorate a bedroom
Here, several pieces, including the Roger Bed, have been brought into the bedroom, each with its own accessories. Notice how the colours of each piece blend to create a room glowing with comfort while the rugs separate the bed and the reading space. 

Of course, some accessories are likely to be more permanent than others, such as rugs, which have the power to bring texture and warmth to the bedroom from the ground up. They can also complement or contrast the room’s other features to achieve a specific look.

Accessories can make a real difference to the mood of a bedroom, so whether they sit on the night table, bookcase or armoire, it may also be worth considering: 

  • Jewellery
  • Mirrors
  • Artwork
  • Sculptures
  • Photos
  • Plants & flowers
  • Books
  • Vases
  • Lamps

Use the Right Lights and Lighting Fixtures

The right lights and lighting fixtures add a touch of ambience that helps to highlight the opulence of the room’s furniture and accessories. 

In the morning, it’s important for the bedroom to be bright, airy and uplifting whereas in the evening the bedroom needs to be a place that feels warm, intimate and homely. Finding the right lighting is key to creating a bedroom that is as adaptable as it is comfortable. 

To do this, consider the style of light and what it brings to the bedroom. For example, chandeliers, both modern or traditional, are often considered the epitome of elegance. When placed on a dimmer, they can be used to set the tone for different moods. 

Lamps are another lighting source to consider. Some sculptural lamps can be placed on the night table for both stylistic and practical purposes such as reading or finding items in a drawer.

Meanwhile, floor lamps bring extra light into the dimly lit corners of the bedroom and can be paired with a chair or a chaise lounge to create the perfect reading area.   

Pay Attention to the Details

When thinking about how to style a bedroom, there are several finishing touches that can be used to elevate the appearance the space, such as:

  • Colours: Using either neutral or bold colours can be a simple yet effective way to create a stylish, sleek and elegant interior while adding brightness to a darker bedroom.
  • Continuity: Whether you’re renovating one room or a whole building, keeping a consistent style throughout a home is key to creating a flow of elegance throughout the whole house.
    One way to achieve a sense of continuity throughout a home is to be consistent with the choice of materials. For example, if there are marble floors in the master bathroom,  consider using the same marble in the en-suite.
  • Fabrics: The choice of linens, curtains, pillows and bed throws contribute to the texture of a bedroom and should share similar characteristics to best complement each other. As well as style and texture, consider using materials such as cashmere, velvet and silk.   

Bedroom Design Guide Final Thoughts

There are many different elements to consider when decorating a bedroom. Ensuring everything pairs well together is the key to creating a harmonious sense of splendour, where one can unwind and feel at ease.

When decorating a bedroom, be sure to give just as much consideration to the lighting and accessories as the key pieces of furniture. While finding the perfect bed is important, ensuring sourcing the right accessories is an easy way to accentuate the opulence of space by bringing the finer details to life.

By focusing on all of these elements, designing a bedroom teeming with elegance and sophistication couldn’t be simpler.

It is also possible to create a hotel-style bedroom by following this guide.

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