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5 Ways to Create a Hotel Style Bedroom

From the colours of walls and carpets to the furniture and ornaments, there’s a lot that goes into making a room look like it belongs in a hotel. Yet it is possible to create a space that emanates the world-class service and impeccably clean rooms found in high-end hotels.

In this guide, discover the key design principles that make the perfect hotel-style bedroom, from lush linens to modern styling techniques, and understand how to fashion a room that is comfortable, functional and spacious.

How to Create a Hotel Style Bedroom

Hotel bedrooms often feature qualities that directly mirror the standard of the hotel, yet all hotel rooms share at least three common traits, including sophistication, simplicity and functionality.

In this design guide, discover some of the ways in which one can recreate the look and feel of a hotel bedroom in a residential property. 

1. A Relaxation Haven

One of the most accessible ways to bring a sense of hotel atmosphere to a bedroom is to start with the finer details. Elements such as reading nooks, armchairs and drink trays all bring a sense of comforting functionality to a space.

The careful and subtle use of certain scents is another detail that can have a powerful effect on a bedroom. The power of aromatherapy can do a lot to induce an additional sense of relaxation in a space, one that is often unique to a hotel room. 

Lavender scents in particular are known for their calming qualities, making them perfect for a bedroom setting. Layering scents with fragranced candles and diffusers can also contribute to the creation of a calm and tranquil environment. The beauty of using candles is that their light brings another element of ambience to the room.

2. Elegance: From Wall to Floor

Introducing panelling to a bedroom can be a great way to replicate the look of a hotel room while adding colour and character to a space. This technique has grown to be a popular interior design trend and there are plenty of ways to incorporate panelling into one’s own home. 

There are of course several different types of panelling, including statement panels, wooden slats or traditional moulding panels, each bringing its own unique impression to a bedroom. One may even consider painting half of the wall to create contrast in both colour and texture. 

While panelling adds intriguing visuals to a bedroom, it can also be incredibly practical for concealing less attractive visuals, such as the wiring for the lighting. All in all, panelling can be used to create a modern and minimalist theme. 

3. Storage for a Hotel Style Bedroom

how to get an hotel style bedroomThis bedroom, featuring an Andersen Bed, utilises a cutout space in the wall as a place to store and display books and statuettes | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

Hotel bedrooms are designed to make the most of the space available in order to create a high-end aesthetic that’s easy to keep tidy. Through the use of innovative design and ingenious storage solutions, this same technique can be achieved at home. 

For example, a night table with drawers and cupboards will ensure that the bedroom remains organised. Meanwhile, more secretive storage such as under-bed drawers, sideboards and even bookcases can be used to conceal personal items, ensuring the rest of the room stays tidy. 

To ensure the style is kept in line with that of the rest of the bedroom, such pieces can also be accessorised with lamps, plants and other decorative items. 

4. Make a Statement with a Hotel Style Headboard

hotel style bedroomThis Lawrence Bed features a stunning and unique headboard that can be used to complement a variety of hotel-style bedrooms | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

Finding the perfect headboard for a hotel-style bedroom can do wonders to set the tone of a room. As hotel headboards are often unique in their own way, either oversized or finished in exquisite materials, it is possible to replicate this look at home with an equally unique headboard. 

As well as the bed itself, the headboard can become one of the key focal points in a bedroom. In hotels, a headboard can be striking, with crisp edges and ornate fringe embellishments. As such, they have significant power to transform a room and the right headboard can easily elevate the hotel chic of a bedroom. 

As pictured above, the headboard featured by the Lawrence Bed features two charming and contrasting sections while creating a unique contemporary style. Other options with headboard design include wall-mounted headboards, industrial pipework and modern, graphic patterned headboards. 

5. Hotel Style Linens

minotti hotel style bedroomThis Anderson Bed Quilt has been dressed with neutral coloured but textured linens and a plush throw  | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

Hotel beds are known for their use of sumptuous fabrics and this alone can do wonders to bring the look and feel of a hotel room to one’s bedroom. 

Velvet, silk and satin might hold the top tier for their indulgent textures, but quality cotton sheets with high thread counts can also bring the look and feel of hotel linens into a home bedroom. 

Hotel beds tend to feature textured throws to bring additional elegance to a room. These also bring warmth to a bedroom, which can help to enhance the feeling of relaxation and serenity. 

Designing a Hotel-Chic Bedroom 

From the bedding to the scent selection, the key to creating an inviting hotel-style bedroom and atmosphere is in the finer details. As discussed in this guide, one should consider the following:

  • A relaxation haven: Creating space for total relaxation
  • Elegance: from wall to floor: Consider popular hotel decor trends, such as wood panelled walls. 
  • Storage ideas for a hotel-style bedroom: Design a high-end, uncluttered aesthetic with the use of cleve storage solutions
  • Make a statement with a hotel-style headboard: Make a statement with a unique headboard that will set the tone for the whole room
  • Hotel-style bedding: Opt for indulgent materials for comfortable slumbers

By incorporating these design techniques when refurbishing a bedroom, one can easily replicate the look of a high-end hotel room to create a space that feels comfortable, relaxing and welcoming.

On the same subject, you can read our tips for lighting a dark bedroom here.

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