Minotti 2021 Outdoor Collection – Patio by GamFratesi - post image background.

Minotti 2021 Outdoor Collection – Patio by GamFratesi

Having explored the use of woods, such as iroko and teak, with Patio, designed by Italian-Danish studio GamFratesi, Minotti proposes an unexpected mix of different materials: aluminium, wood, stone, cord.

Stine Gam, Danish architect with a master’s in furniture design. Enrico Fratesi Italian architect graduated with a master’s in industrial design. Gam and Fratesi gained experience as architects in architecture studio in Japan and Scandinavia before establishing their own design studio.

Hit the play button below to watch the full conversation, or read the full transcript below:

Enrico Fratesi: The Patio Collection is a system of modular sofas for outdoor. We really like the image of a Patio, this intimate space, a little bit closed between walls.

It’s still an outdoor space, but it’s where you can really feel it intimate in the weight of sharing with friends or family, the outdoor area. And this was also the suggestion for the new collection. That’s why the name, Patio.

I think when you look at the sofa, it looks very somehow simple. And this is also because we want to have a very minimalistic expression, but if you look into the details, it’s very technical.

A die-cast aluminium leg, extruded profile for the structure, where the water can in and go out, a complex system of fixing the backrest with the structure.

I mean, all this is where you really see the expertise of Minotti while taking an expression and idea and bringing it to very complex construction, able to be solid, durable, and of course, innovative.

Stine Gam: I really like that I can bring my Nordic and Danish inspiration and philosophy into this Italian and Minotti collection and spirit. As a Scandinavian. I really like the flexibility.

We are not so rigid and we really like to be flexible also, even in the way we live, in our behaviours. With this new Patio Collection, I think that’s also how we try to express a very flexible way of living.

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