The UK’s Most Renowned Interior Designers | 2022 - post image background.

The UK’s Most Renowned Interior Designers | 2022

With an ever-increasing fascination with interior design and home decor, more and more people are undertaking renovation projects. Whether it’s to create a stunning design for a new home or to refurbish an existing interior, interior designers are a vital part of any refurbishment project.

In this guide from Minotti London, we take a look into the world of interior design by presenting five famous interior designers in the UK.

Top 5 Famous Interior Designers

Behind every striking residential space, five-star hotel or high-end restaurant is a skilled interior designer. The best interior designers are not simply good at putting together beautiful spaces; they are also masterful at using an array of different materials in unique ways and have an innate ability to bring out the character of a room.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top five celebrity interior designers in the UK, all of whom have dedicated their careers to design.

1. Kelly Hoppen

The UK’s Most Renowned Interior DesignersWith more than 40 years of experience, Kelly Hoppen is one of the most renowned interior designers in the world | Courtesy of Kelly Hoppen Interiors

Kelly Hoppen is one of the world’s most renowned interior designers who has been designing homes, hotels and residential spaces for more than 40 years. Her passion for interior design began at the age of 16 when she had a chance to design a family friend’s kitchen.

Since then, she has become a highly sought-after interior designer. Among her roster of international clients include numerous celebrities, such as David and Victoria Beckham, Martin Shaw.

Hoppen has redefined living spaces worldwide with her unique and innovative style. Her work has been featured on TV and in international publications, including Elle Décor and House & Garden, as well as countless luxury hotel and home magazines.

Furthermore, Kelly Hoppen Interiors is the largest and most established London-based interior design company with a national and international reputation for exceptional residential, commercial and workplace projects.

2. Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp is a world-famous British interior designer and founder of Martin Kemp Design. The studio creates unique interiors that reflect the owner’s character and style. His love for designing luxury spaces and vision for excellence define a design innovation that has set him apart.

Kemp’s design work extends over 30 years, working alongside globally renowned companies, such as Barbara Berry and Candy & Candy.

Having designed everything from superyachts to private jets and corporate spaces, Martin Kemp Design remains one of the most prestigious interior design firms in the UK, with an unrivalled portfolio of high-end projects.

3. Alidad

The UK’s Most Renowned Interior DesignersAlidad draws upon middle-eastern influences to create a unique and regal style | Courtesy of Alidad

Alidad is an award-winning London-based interior designer of Iranian origins who can transform any residential or business space into a unique world of its own. Inspired by his childhood in Iran and various Persian influences, his interiors exude opulence and tradition.

Thanks to his deep understanding of history, aesthetics and the individual, Alidad sets himself apart in the interior design space with his unique style, which can be described as a combination of historical and traditional with contemporary elements. His inimitable eye and passion allow him to create idyllic spaces that look as though they have come together over decades.

Alidad’s work features prestigious homes and hotels around the world. He has designed everything from the lobby of five-star hotels to the interiors of private residences in cities such as Beirut, Paris and London. His interior spaces are original and beautifully crafted, with oriental exuberance.

4. Rabih Hage

The UK’s Most Renowned Interior DesignersMulti-award winning designer Rabih Hage is one of the most respected names in the world of interior design | Courtesy of © Luke Sprague, The Superyacht Agency

For Rabih Hage, a Lebanese-born architect and interior designer, the top priority is creating beautiful spaces that are also easy to live in.

Having graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Hage began a career in various architectural practices and engineering firms before founding his first architectural design studio in Paris in 1992, followed by an interior design studio in London in 2001.

With a fine eye for detail, Hage has been creating beautiful interiors for more than two decades. He is known for his understated opulence and exquisite taste. His designs are always luxurious, but they never feel gaudy or grandiose. There is a balance to the lavishness of his pieces, which only works to distinguish the elegance and grace of his work.

5. Caz Myers

Caz Myers is a top interior designer who uses her experience, knowledge and creativity to design elegant spaces. Her designs strike a balance between beauty, comfort, utility and timelessness and have won praise from the media and clients alike for their modern, innovative approach to residential and corporate interiors.

Drawing on over 11 years of experience, Myers creates inspirational, personalised interiors that are tailor-made to her clients’ unique tastes and requirements. The result is an efficient, stylish workplace or home that sets the right tone for whatever type of lifestyle the client leads.

Myers is the founder of Caz Myers Design studio – a London-based interior design studio known for creating interiors that have an unmistakable sense of style and also reflect the unique personalities of her clients. Its portfolio of work is highly varied and impressive, as is its reputation with both clients and the press.

Top Celebrity Interior Designers in the UK

These designers have won numerous awards, worked with a plethora of high-end clients and have been featured in a range of prominent publications. They all have developed unique styles that bring something original to the world of British interior design.

In this guide, we have discussed:

  • Kelly Hopper
  • Martin Kemp
  • Alidad
  • Rabih Hage
  • Caz Myers

Contemporary interior design, spaces where tradition meets comfort and interiors fully tailored to one’s wishes are just a few of the specialities offered by these elite designers.

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