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Furniture Favourites with Digby Summerhill

In the 2nd of the series of Furniture Favourites, Director of Minotti London Digby Summerhill talks about his favourite pieces from the 2021 collection.

Digby is keen to give back to the architectural and design industry he operates in and he’s always excited to collaborate with London design and architectural institutions.

Hit the play button below to watch the full conversation, or read the full transcript below:

Digby Summerhill: Hi, my name is Digby Summerhill, I’m one of the directors here at Minotti London and I’d like to tell you about my favourite piece in the 2021 collection from Minotti, which is the Roger sofa.

minotti the roger seating system

I like the Roger sofa system because it is a system. It’s not really a product that we’ve designed. It’s a selection of pieces that allows an architect or a designer to use those modules and components to create a unique or bespoke solution tailored to their client’s needs and I think that’s quite unique.

There’s built-in cabinetry which is a lovely touch and feature for soft seating. The cushions are reversible, which is very practical, all of the covers can be removed, they can be dry-cleaned or reupholstered in new materials in the future if your tastes change. And it can evolve over time because of the modularity.

I particularly like how well it blends in with previous collections like the 2020 collection, but I think that’s part of Minotti’s ethos. There are no individually iconic pieces.

It’s a design DNA. That’s what’s so wonderful about it. It’s the collection as a whole, the family of products that is the identity, and not anyone’s individual product.

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