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How to Style a Designer Corner Sofa

A designer corner sofa is a stylish marriage of form and function. There is something about having a corner sofa in the room that adds a touch of class to the overall interior design of a space, whether that be someone’s home, a large reception room or a hotel suite.

However, styling a designer corner sofa to add a sense of splendour to a living room can be challenging. There are several factors to consider when completing a design, such as finding the right sofa for a space, knowing the best way to place it and how to dress it with a range of accessories. 

In this guide, we discuss several corner sofa living room ideas that work with a range of interior styles.

Consider the Size of a Designer Corner Sofa

corner sofa living room ideasAlthough this Hamilton Sofa takes up a lot of the room, with clever placement and the window view, the room appears to still have an abundance of space | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

The size of the corner sofa is an essential factor to consider, as it will affect all the other elements of the room. 

For example, a small corner sofa may look lost in a large room, but it is a stunning addition to a smaller space. Using a minor scale sofa with light colours and textures can help create an illusion of depth in smaller rooms, which in turn makes them feel more spacious.

On the other hand, using light colours and placing small scale furniture in the space surrounding a large corner sofa will create a sense of airiness and make the room appear larger and brighter. In contrast, using darker colours with a large corner sofa can give the impression of a more intimate and profound space.

Finding the Right Placement

leonard sofa minottiAlthough this Leonard Sofa hasn’t been placed adjacent to the wall, it runs parallel to it, which creates a sense of harmony while still making the most of the space available in the room | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

An elaborate sofa area has become the focal point of many modern homes, making the placement of the corner sofa vital to the overall design of the room where it resides. Where corners sofa may act as the centrepiece of a modern space, they work well when placed either adjacent to the wall or in the middle of a large room. 

On the one hand, placing a corner sofa against a wall maximises the space in the room. Such an arrangement combines style with practicality as it also makes it easier for people to access power outlets around or behind the sofa. 

On the other, a corner sofa placed in the middle of the room becomes a statement piece. Which, when working with the room’s other elements, such as a marble fireplace, works of art, or a stylish wine cabinet, creates a design teeming with class and modern sophistication. 

If the space has an open floor plan, placing two or more sofas together can create an interesting visual effect as well as a versatile and sprawling seating area.

Creating a Decorative Theme

The design of the corner sofa can set the tone for the rest of the room’s interior and create a decorative theme with the furniture and decor of the room.

Here are three ways to style a designer corner sofa to create a decorative theme that is both chic and consistent: 

  • In Keeping with a Style | It’s important to find other furniture that will complement the sofa, and stays true to the wider theme of the decor, whether it traditional or contemporary, or more unique such as Victorian or antique.
  • Consistent Colour Scheme | Be sure to match the primary decorative elements in the room with the sofa’s colour scheme. 
  • Curating Unique Shapes | One might consider pairing the corner sofa with marble or hardwood coffee tables in contrasting shapes. For example, a round coffee table works well in contrast to an angular-shaped corner sofa.

Accessorising a Designer Corner Sofa

Creating a layered design with various accessories is an excellent way to complete the decor and give the space its own unique personality. 

Such accessories could include decorative cushions, colourful throws and blankets, velvet ottomans and pouffes, vibrant wall art and marble sculptures. These items have the power to add more colour, texture and dimension to a sofa. 

There are of course a wide selection of accessories in the Minotti London collection, many of which work to further lift the interior design of a sophisticated space and go particularly well with a corner sofa. 

For further inspiration, here are three examples of accessories available at Minotti London: 

Villon Pouf 

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, this pouf is a sleek cube covered in leather and available in a vast array of colours. The Villon Pouf showcases a versatile design that creates a sense of wholeness in the corner sofa area and can serve as a tabletop or a footrest.

Blanche Lighting

The Blanche Lighting table and floor lamps come in a variety of heights and proportions, making this design a perfect addition to any space. Thanks to its diffused fluorescent light and a matte linen cover, it illuminates the area by night and adds a touch of uniqueness to any interior design during the day.  

Neto Ottoman 

Minotti London’s Neto Ottoman is a functional design with a characteristic base in structural polyurethane with a Pewter colour finish. It is padded and upholstered in fabrics and leather, making it an ideal element to complete the decor of an eclectic room. 

Completing the Decor with a Rug

While rugs aren’t usually the first thing to come to mind when styling a sofa, as a finishing touch they can truly bring a sense of wholeness to the sofa and thus harmony to the space. 

how to style a corner sofa in a roomNotice how the rug pulls all the elements of this seating arrangement together and how the dark green of the rug against the light sofa adds contrast and depth to the space | Designed by Christophe Delcourt for © Minotti London

Whether a designer corner sofa features soft tones or bold colours, there are many ways to complete the decor with a rug. This will define the space and tie together other elements in the room, adding colour and texture as needed. 

Oriental, Persian, woollen, silk, or cotton rugs can create a refined decor for an otherwise unexceptional space.

Corner Sofa: Living Room Ideas 

The corner sofa is one of the most popular contemporary furniture designs and is often the combination of a chaise lounge, a traditional sofa and an armchair. 

To summarise then, here are just some of the considerations one should keep in mind when installing and dressing a corner sofa, as well as some of the ways to style a  sofa in a living room: 

  • Consider the size of the sofa
  • Find the right placement 
  • Create a decorative theme
  • Add style with accessories 
  • Complete the design with a rug 

The key to designing a living room featuring a corner sofa is to create the perfect balance between every element. The sofa, the furniture, the decor and the colour scheme should all work together to create a beautiful space for relaxation. 

Visit the Minotti London showroom to discover the wide range of designer corner sofas featured in our collection.

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