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The Best Console Tables to Place Behind a Sofa

The functionality and aesthetic of console tables make for particularly versatile pieces of furniture, which are well suited to many residential and hospitality spaces.

That being said, console tables work exceptionally well in living rooms that require a subtle solution for additional storage, but can also be used to place lamps, photos and statuettes.

However, finding the right console table to place behind a sofa that will complement the wider room can be challenging. In this style guide, we discuss the different types of console tables and showcase some included in the Minotti London collection. 

Why Place a Console Table Behind a Sofa?

While console tables can be used in various ways, such as in a foyer or even as a TV stand, when placed behind a sofa they make a seating area complete – especially when the sofa is placed in the middle of a room. 

As well as being a practical place to put a coffee while relaxing on the sofa itself, console tables can also be used to store and showcase practical and decorative items that are essential for the room. 

Whether it be a collection of coffee table books, candles or ornaments such as vases, console tables can be used to add a finishing touch to a space. 

Different Types of Console Tables 

Console tables can be found in a range of different styles and designs and will often vary in size, material and even their intended use. Three of the most popular console table designs include:  

  • Decorative console tables
  • Storage console tables 
  • Convertible console tables

Decorative console tables are used to display a collection of decorative items and usually come without shelves or drawers. Meanwhile, storage console tables typically consist of multiple open shelves or drawers. 

On the other hand, convertible console tables can be converted into larger tables, which can sometimes be used as small dining tables and are ideal for small spaces. 

Close Console Table 

close console table minottiThis Close Console Table features an open shelf and has been used to store and display a small collection of books | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

The Close Console combines functionality with minimalist style. Its timeless and elegant design makes it a great addition to the living room, bedroom decoration, or home office. 

With a Bronze-finished metal base and one open shelf, the upper part of this console table is available in different variations, including one with an open-pore Moka lacquered oak and the top in glossy lacquered Clay. Alternatively, it can the structure can be made with matt lacquered Clay and the top in open-pore, Moka lacquered oak.

Kirk Console Table 

kirk console table minottiThe Kirk Console Table can be used as an informal writing desk as well as a place to display ornate and decorative pieces | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

The sleek and modern design of the  Kirk Console means it pairs well with any modern sofa in practically any setting. As well as being an ideal piece on which to display accessories, the Kirk Console can also function as a writing desk, which may work well in certain hospitality settings.

The Kirk Console’s streamlined metal legs with a painted Bronze finish can be paired with glossy lacquered Sand or Mud tops, high gloss Black pâte de verre glass, or Brown Damascus marble. 

Such variety in the final style of table provides additional versatility in helping find a suitable design to suit a variety of different sofas and spaces.

Clyfford Console Table 

clyfford console table minottiAs one of the larger console tables in the Minotti London collection, the Clyfford Console Table is well suited to sit behind sofas with a tall backrest | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

The simple, contemporary design of the Clyfford Console makes it an ideal piece of furniture for any setting. 

The Clyfford owes flexibility and adaptability to the wide range of available finishes. The laser-cut structure comes with a matt Pewter-colored finish and glassy lacquered tops in Mud, Petroleum, Granite and Pewter colours, or in oak with a lacquered Moka finish. 

While this console table presents itself with grace as a stand-alone piece when placed against the wall, displaying a vase of flowers, it works just as well when placed behind a sofa.

Calder Console Table 

Designed in a clean, modern style, Minotti London’s Calder Console adds sophistication  to any setting, whether that be a family living room or a penthouse suite. As with many of the console tables in the Minotti London collection, the Calder is available in a number of styles. 

The Calder’s hand-crafted and matt black iron structure can be paired with various tops, including ebony veneer with a matt or glossy clear polyester finish, natural brushed oak, open-pore Grey, Moka or Black tinted oak, lacquered in a variety of refined nuances and Black Marquina marble.

With a spacious open shelf and two large drawers, the Calder Console Table brings functionality and finesse to the fore. While it works as a standalone piece, this console also pairs well with the Andersen Slim 90 Quilt Sofa and the Hamilton Sofa.

Lang Console Table 

Minotti London’s Lang Console Table features two spacious, pull-push drawers with fronts available in various styles: polished ebony, Tobacco stained flamed oak and Moka oak. 

This sophisticated, minimalist console table is a functional and stylish piece of furniture for the living room. Its Pewter-coloured metal blades form a stable base for its bold structure, which is finished with a Granite glossy lacquer. 

As a stand-alone piece of furniture, it can accentuate the decor and elevate the luxuriousness of a room, but it also works well when placed adjacent to an Andersen Line Sofa.

Catlin Console Table 

catlin console tableWith bold colours and interesting textures, the Catlin Console Table brings a certain panache to a space | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

The elliptical curves make the Catlin Console a simple yet graceful and classy console table. Available in a variety of different materials, one has the ability to create exciting combinations of bold visual and tactile effects. 

The Catlin’s elegant textured black-painted metal base with a cross-pattern can be paired with a bright Chrome-plated or a bright Gold-plated finish. In addition, the tabletop is available in two types of marble, including the Arabescato Purple and Sahara Noir, as well as stratified glass.

This console table creates a cohesive aesthetic when paired with the Alexander Sofa from the Minotti London sofa collection. 

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Console Table

While a console table can make a room and seating area feel complete, it’s important to consider whether the console table in question will be used purely as a decorative piece or whether it should act as a practical storage solution. 

Minotti London’s latest collection features a wide range of console tables, suitable for different spaces and projects. As discussed, here is a list of our six most popular console tables: 

  1. Close Console
  2. Kirk Console
  3. Clyfford Console
  4. Calder Console 
  5. Lang Console
  6. Catlin Console 

Discover the full range of console tables featured in Minotti London’s collection by visiting our London showroom. There, our colleagues will be able to advise on the different styles and how they might interact with a space. 

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