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How to Design the Ultimate Cinema Room

From big-screen TVs to comfortable seating, a cinema room is a must-have addition to a modern home. Whether it’s meant for a romantic movie viewing experience with a partner or a playful space to enjoy movies with friends or family, there are endless ways for decorating and designing a cinema room in a home. A […]

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How to Perfect the Lighting in a TV Room

When designing a TV room, lighting is one of the most important factors to consider. A variety of lighting options will allow one to create the perfect viewing atmosphere and reduce eyestrain, whilst also being able to fully illuminate the room for cleaning or setting up equipment. One of the key factors to perfecting a […]

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4 Ways to Arrange & Style Furniture in a TV Room

TV rooms serve as a place where the family can come together and relax after a long day and is the ideal room for watching films and boxset dramas. While there is a wide range of electronic devices that can enhance one’s viewing experience, there are other factors to consider when designing a TV room. […]

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How to Design a Minimalist TV Room

One of the main tenets of minimalist design is maintaining a clean and simple environment, driven by practicality, functionality and feeling. Whilst minimalism may encourage simplicity, this is not to say that it eschews detail and quality. There a many factors to consider when designing a minimalist TV room, including colour, texture, lighting and storage […]

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How to Find the Perfect TV Room Sofa

Back when televisions were large and bulky, TV rooms were designed around the big screens. Today, slim and inconspicuous flatscreens bring a more chic aesthetic, so TV rooms can be outfitted to entertain guests and lounge in style. Integrating comfort both in style and functionality is key; a TV room is a place to relax, […]

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