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Tips for interior designers

A Guide to Creating Focal Points

A focal point is one of the fundamental components of interior design, the first thing viewers see when they enter a room. While it’s not necessarily the centre of a room, it is often a feature that’s immediately noticed based on the arrangement of a space. Design elements can be used to emphasise a focal […]

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The Importance of Scale & Proportion in Interior Design

Scale and proportion are both vitally important interior design concepts, though understanding the difference between these concepts and how they apply to a space, can cause confusion. To summarise, where proportion is concerned with the size of objects in relation to each other, scale refers to their size in relation to that of the space. […]

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Contrast in Interior Design

Contrast is a fundamental principle of interior design – a designer’s secret ingredient for creating visually striking, memorable spaces. The key is knowing where and how to use it correctly. In this guide, we’ll delve further into how to use contrast in interior design to improve a space. Cohesiveness is important in a design scheme, […]

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How to Use Progression in Interior Design

Rhythm is evident throughout nature and the man-made environment, through key principles such as repetition, alternation and progression. These fundamentals can be applied to interior design as a way to introduce order, interest and focus while guiding the line of sight through a space. Progression is a fairly simple element of the principle of rhythm […]

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Alternation in Interior Design

One of the key principles of interior design is rhythm, and it can be seen and heard throughout nature and the built environment through repetition, alternation and progression. These methods are applied to interior spaces by the repetitive use of decorative elements to bring order, interest and focus, which help lead the eye through a […]

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How to Establish Rhythm in Interior Design

Rhythm is a key principle in interior design and encourages one’s eye-line to move in an organised way around a space while holding a person’s interest and allowing them to take in every part of the design. The principle of rhythm is centred on the visual repetition of patterns, by recurrence, continuity or organised movement. […]

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A Guide to 2022’s Interior Design Trends

In the last few decades, we have witnessed an unprecedented evolution of interior design. As the world keeps changing, people’s expectations of interior design styles undergo many changes each passing year. As a result, new trends emerge. The designs that dominate the market these days are characterised by the return to nature-inspired interiors, a combination […]

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