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Discover Minotti’s Exclusive 2022 Collection

The 60th edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan this June provided the perfect showcase for Minotti’s 2022 Collection. This ‘Mecca’ of design attracts thousands of designers and architects from around the world to experience new, innovative products from leading luxury brands, Minotti’s 2022 Collection emphasizes its ability to push itself and explore new creative […]

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5 Ways to Style a Blue Sofa in a Living Room

A bold blue sofa has become an integral part of many popular design trends for modern homes, making this piece of furniture ideal for those looking for comfort and simplicity in a living room. However, while a blue sofa is a good fit for many residences and interior design themes, one may wish to add […]

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5 Ways to Style a Grey Sofa in a Living Room

The ever classic and chic grey sofa is a piece of furniture that can easily become the centrepiece of a living room while suiting a variety of interior designs. A grey sofa can effortlessly be made to stand out amidst a neutral colour scheme or act as a smooth backdrop for splashes of bold and […]

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6 Ways to Style a Navy Sofa in a Living Room

Navy sofas are decadent, cosy and inviting pieces of furniture that will make a statement in practically any living room. Although the deep blue may seem bold, it can be employed as a neutral colour to anchor the room. Mixing and matching colours with navy can also create classic and dramatic settings. For example, rich […]

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5 Ways to Style a Black Sofa in a Living Room

A black sofa may be a bold choice, but there is something irresistibly chic about a statement piece of black furniture. Black sofas in particular can bring an air of class and sophistication to a living room in a way that very few furnishings can. However, for all their virtues and versatility, black sofas can […]

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5 Ways to Style a Cream Sofa in a Living Room

A classic cream sofa is an indulgent piece of furniture that has the power to brighten an entire room. Cream sofas provide a sense of freshness that few colours can replicate. Thanks to their versatility, cream sofas can fit a variety of interior styles, from classic and fresh, to eclectic and modern, or somewhere in […]

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5 Ways to Decorate a Living Room with a Dark Brown Sofa

The popular and timeless dark brown sofa style blends well with many colour palettes and design techniques. Yet it’s important to consider these aspects when decorating a living room, as dark brown sofas are likely to have an impact on the atmosphere and energy of the room.  In this design guide, discover five of the […]

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5 Best Designer Leather Sofas for the Living Room

People may think of leather furniture in the context of formal living rooms, but the modern design methods used to create leather sofas today mean there are many different styles available.  A leather sofa sets the tone for one of the most important rooms in a home and can add a touch of refinement to […]

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How to Arrange Two Sofas in a Living Room

The placement of a sofa, or a pair of sofas, can have a significant effect in transforming a space. It’s important then that when furnishing and curating a residential living room, two sofas work dynamically to complement each other, the decor and most importantly, the wider room.  There are many different ways to arrange two […]

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How to Style a Designer Corner Sofa

A designer corner sofa is a stylish marriage of form and function. There is something about having a corner sofa in the room that adds a touch of class to the overall interior design of a space, whether that be someone’s home, a large reception room or a hotel suite. However, styling a designer corner […]

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What Colour Cushions & Curtains Go with a Grey Sofa?

By design, sofas are by their very nature the focus point of most living spaces. While this is no different for grey sofas, the simplicity of grey upholstery allows for grey sofas to easily pair, match and contrast any colour scheme.  In essence, grey sofas act as a kind of neutral base, one which can […]

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What is Italian Sofa Design: Classic & Modern Styles

Italian sofa design has evolved over the centuries but is highly regarded to this day for its dedication to great quality and craftsmanship. In the modern era, both classic and contemporary Italian designs remain highly sought after. In this guide, we discuss what makes classic Italian sofa design so unique and showcase just some of […]

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Sofabed Ideas: An Interior Design Guide

Often the centrepiece of the room where it resides, a sofabed adds elegance, comfort and functionality to a room’s interior design. It can be a comfortable seat to spend time with a book or a hospitable sleeping space for an overnight guest.  The versatility and functionality of a sofabed make it the perfect piece of […]

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5 Types of Sofas: An Interior Designer’s Guide

Knowing what type of sofa will best suit a space can be difficult, from small corner sofas and modular sofas to vintage-style sofas and sofabeds, each serves a distinct purpose and bring distinguished design traits to any space.  As each sofa style is unique in its own way, with distinctive designs and features that can […]

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How To Find the Most Comfortable Sofa

When searching for a sofa, it can be tempting to focus purely on design without taking time to truly consider comfort. However, when a sofa’s key function is for seating, it’s important to ensure a sofa is as sumptuous as it is stylish. In this guide, we discuss some of the greatest tips for finding […]

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8 Sofa Styles & Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing the most suitable sofa for a space is not always the easiest task. Yet sofa designs are an integral part of any living room design because they provide the ideal framework for placing other accent pieces and accessories such as ottomans, throw pillows, coffee tables and even entertainment systems. In this guide, we seek […]

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4 Best Contemporary Modular Sofas & How to Install Them

Finding the best sofa for a living room, or any space, can be difficult. There are many different types of sofas, and some are more adaptable than others. For example, while single-piece sofas may complement any setting, they lack the versatility of contemporary modular sofas, which can incorporate several individual pieces and be curated to […]

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Modern Sofa Design: The 2022 Definitive Guide

When it comes to finding a new sofa, modern designs are highly sought after – and for good reason. With clean, fresh designs and strong, lightweight materials, modern sofas have remained popular for nearly a century.  But what makes a modern sofa? Is it the same as a contemporary sofa, or something else altogether?  In […]

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How to Dress a Sofa With A Throw for a Sophisticated Look

Although sofa throws are often thought of as “finishing touches”, when given a little special attention, a throw becomes a plush accent piece that brings texture, style and charm to a space.  As well as their practical attributes that provide an extra layer of comfort to a seating area, sofa throws serve two stylistic purposes, […]

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How To Professionally Install a Contemporary Corner Sofa

A corner sofa can bring style and functionality to any room. However, choosing the right corner sofa can be a challenge. As well as finding the right sofa design to blend with that of the room in question, making sure it fits gracefully in the room is equally important.  For any sofa to reach its […]

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How To Choose a Sofa Style: 6 Tips From Experts in Contemporary Furniture & Design

Sofas aesthetic of the rest of the space. For this reason, they’re usually the first element to be considere usually the first thing we see when entering a room or building, making them the feature piece of any space they reside in. With such power to draw attention, finding a sofa that will leave an […]

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