Furniture Favourites with Casey Morrison - post image background.

Furniture Favourites with Casey Morrison

In the 3rd of the series of Furniture Favourites, Account Manager of Minotti London Casey Morrison talks about her favourite pieces from the 2021 collection.

Hit the play button below to watch the full conversation, or read the full transcript below:

Casey Morrison: I’ve been looking forward to this new collection all year. This time, we actually flew over to Italy to see everything in person, and I was not disappointed.

The showroom set up there is especially to showcase a new collection. I was absolutely blown away by the new Roger sofa system. The back was a beautiful height.

minotti the roger seating system

It had a very retro yet different look, which made it really unique. The piping along the bottom of the sofa created a frame around the whole thing.

We came through to the Marcio Kogan set and the new Linha desk. Just seeing that desk in general, was something. It seemed like a really good step forward for Minotti.

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