Interior Design Project with Alice Leigh and Minotti London - post image background.

Interior Design Project with Alice Leigh and Minotti London

In this behind the scenes chat with Alice Leigh and our account manager and interior design consultant Casey, they explain the thinking behind this gorgeous project.

You’ll discover some of the pieces and fabrics that Alice chose for this interior design project, as well as the reason that Alice wanted to work with Minotti London to realise her dream design.

Hit the play button below to watch the full conversation, or read the full transcript below:

Alice Leigh: My name’s Alice Leigh. I have an interior design company called Alice Leigh Design. I’ve worked with Minotti for many years and we knew they were the right company to work together on this project.

We’ve chosen the Anderson sofa because we love the clean lines of it. We love the look of it. It’s very appropriate for the space that it’s going in.

Minotti LondonAndersen Sofa with Clyfford coffee table

Casey Morrison: I find with a luxury brand like Minotti, it’s really important that we can tailor what we are doing exactly to our client or our designer’s space that they’re looking for.

The idea of having maybe a sofa that we would normally sit in the showroom in a very plain fabric, bringing it more to life, maybe with colour or texture, something that wouldn’t be a standard Minotti look and feel.

Alice: The fabrics that we’re using are not dissimilar in quality to the Minotti ones, but we just chose a few different textures that probably worked a little better for our family home, for the kids. They work really well with the Minotti pieces.

We’ve got some quite low key colours, and mixing a few patterns. I love mixing patterns and textures together.

Casey: It’s really nice to be able to get an own interior designer’s flare on our projects.

Alice: Since working on this project with Minotti, it’s made it much easier to work with clients on their own projects. I’m now so familiar with the brand.

The exquisite craftsmanship that goes into every piece is just amazing. I’ve learnt so much about Minotti on this journey with them.

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