Minotti London Outdoor Collection 2021

The proposals created by the Italian-Danish design duo GamFratesi is a fluid tale, a dialogue you would not want to interrupt: the single words flow between indoors and outdoors, capture our attention, arouse our emotions, but most of all they are there at the service of everyone, open to all kinds of interpretations.

Versatility is the main characteristic of the Patio seating system: “I liked the idea of being able to add my own Nordic inspiration and philosophy” – says Stine Gam – “into this Italian and Minotti collection, crafted with elegant technological and sartorial details. By nature, I adore versatility and with the Patio collection, we decided to express a versatile way of being and living.


The aluminium frame, used as a distinctive element of the base structure, is the distinguishing mark of the collection, to which the other elements are gradually added: the steel backrests covered in woven cord, the seat and backrest cushions, the smart accessories such as the wooden mahogany or natural teak tray with grooves to drain off any water.

Minotti London Outdoor Collection 2021 Patio 3D

Coffee tables, benches and ottomans complete the system and enable us not only to create compositions freely in the space, but also to adapt them easily and rapidly as and when required.

The word Patio, that gives its name to the collection, defines that particular area of the home where people get together outdoors, but are protected by the intimacy of the four walls of its own home. The meaning of the design originates precisely from this concept, from the desire to rediscover a shared, yet responsible and private way of socialising.

Minotti London Outdoor Collection 2021 Patio 3

Lido Cord Outdoor, also by the GamFratesi duo, is a family of seats consisting of a sofa, armchair, footstool, dining and lounge little armchairs and coffee tables. Characteristic of the design, and reminiscent of the idea of a welcoming nest, the innovative shape of the seats is inspired by influences that refer to the style of the 1950s.

Minotti London Outdoor Collection 2021 Lido Cord Outdoor Gif

The sofa backrest’s frame is also distinctive, in stainless steel, with a painted finish and covered with cords in recyclable polypropylene. An organic design capable of living in indoor and outdoor spaces with the same fluidity and aesthetics: furniture that expresses the company’s ability to create a design suitable for both indoor and outdoor atmospheres.


The Torii Nest Outdoor seats by nendo also flow in the same dual direction between indoors and outdoors. The name Torii, in Japanese, indicates the entrance gate to a Shinto shrine or, more precisely, the boundary line that marks out a sacred place. Sitting in a Torii armchair or little armchairs therefore symbolically represents the achievement of an objective, the certainty of being able to settle safely into a protected space.

The volumes play around with the shape of the circle and the entire seat rotates around sophisticated details inspired by traditional Japanese architecture: the lightness of the aluminium base, the frame that seams to rest on the legs, the meeting point between frame and seat and the enveloping backrest in woven cord. This is inspired by the classic pattern of the Vienna straw woven cane, but presented in a wider, lighter, more contemporary mesh. Lastly, Torii Nest Outdoor, available in three types of seat (the armchair, and the little lounge and dining armchairs) stands out in its swivel version: a true innovation for the Minotti outdoor range.


Minotti London Outdoor Collection 2021 Torii Nest Outdoor

In addition, the outdoor complementary pieces signed by Rodolfo Dordoni are significant presences, capable, like fascinating monoliths, of adding interest to the outdoor environment. In this way, the Stony coffee table’s inner frame is covered with resin and then covered in stone dust, features an organic, rounded, irregular shape inspired by the rocks of the rivers, while the Pilotis Outdoor coffee tables represent real columns, in two different heights, in Corten effect painted stainless steel or with a Cobalt Blue finish.

The Terrace table, relaunched in the 2021 Collection with the top in solid teak and legs in cast aluminium with a slightly retro feel, is the expression of an architectural composition.

An outdoor space capable of offering the same feeling of comfort as the indoor environments can only be enhanced by the furnishing accessory that confers warmth more than any other: the rug. Jersey, designed by Minotti Studio, is made of braids joined using a high resistance yarn to resemble a jersey fabric. The polypropylene used, as well as looking pleasantly natural, is perfect for the outdoor world, ensuring excellent performances in terms of stability and durability.

The 2021 Textile Outdoor Collection completes and enhances the padded seats like an essential piece of the puzzle. Thanks to the research carried out by Minotti Studio, the same coherence between styles and finishes that characterises the fluid passage between the indoor and outdoor furniture can also be found in the textiles. The 2021 proposals are sophisticated, high-performance textile structures, capable of living in harmony indoors but, above all, to reflect the same warmth and elegance outdoors too.

Brand new geometries and fine weaves created with jacquard looms enhance the character of the entire textile range. The colour palette, which spans from the more classic and natural nuances to more original ones, allows to enhance the pairing with the cords of the weaves, the painted finishes of the metals and the wood used for the furnishings.


The 2021 Outdoor Collection translates the ideas that inspire the new way of living open-air, making us feel in harmony with ourselves and with the others. Its furnishings, complementary pieces, textiles and colours, precisely like those of the indoor collections, are designed to create atmospheres that are welcoming but unique every time, capable of interpreting many different tastes and requirements.


2021 Collection


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